Philadelphia Land Bank

Victory: City Council Unanimously Passes Land Bank Bill
Top 10 Reasons We Need a Land Bank NOW
Top Ten Reasons We Need A Land Bank NOW!
Top 10 Reasons We Need a Land Bank NOW!
Top Ten Reasons We Need A Land Bank NOW
What is a Land Bank?
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Victory! City Council Unanimously Approves Land Bank; Click for Alliance Statement

Why is getting the Land Bank up and running so urgent?

  • Every delay means more crime and more blight

  • Every day we wait means less money for our schools and city services

  • Instead of 40,000 vacant, derelict properties holding back our neighborhoods, we want new life in our communities

  • A Land Bank is the most critical tool Philadelphia needs to transform vacant, blighted properties that make our communities unsafe, cause homeowners to lose equity, and often make families give up and move out

  • A land bank will help move these vacant properties into productive re-use, bring vibrancy and investment , increase revenue for our schools and city, and rebuild our neighborhoods

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